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Papilas Yacht Yard features state-of-the-art facilities and a full-time staff that is skilled in the maintenance, repair, and restoration of yachts for recreational, commercial and competitive boat owners.

With 3 boat yards strategically located along the seaboard of Perama, Papilas’ name is widely known and highly respected within the industry and boating community.

By putting the most up-to-date service equipment in the handsΥπηρεσίες Ναυπηγείου Παπίλα of the most highly skilled people, Papilas Yacht Yard effectively responds to the demand for quality yacht service 365 days a year. In addition, Papilas’ staff members are experienced cruisers and sailors with a personal interest in boating. This means that your boat is in the hands of service teams, who understand and care about performance.

At Papilas Yacht Yard you will find mechanical, carpentry, painting, rigging, fiberglass, metal, and electronics expertise that consistently exceeds your expectations. This is not a fluke. Papilas Yacht Yard is ranked among the best, if not the best, yacht service centers in the country and not only.

Papilas Yacht Yard service philosophy is simple:

Preserve the customer's investment and help maximize time underway through preventative boat maintenance.

At Papilas Yacht Yard no job is too big or too small; estimates are on target; jobs are completed on time; and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Papilas Yacht Yard's team of specialists will check for damage and maintenance needs as soon as a yacht is hauled and make the recommendations for repairs on the spot. Having all the different trades and equipment on site, providing a full service yacht yard, translates into less expensive refits and repairs with the quickest turnaround time.